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26 June 2015



A five minute walk from the hubbub of Piccadilly Circus in London sits Brewer Street Car Park; the top floor of which has recently been into a vibrant creative space curated by The Vinyl Factory. So, if you have a few minutes to spare off the beaten track and love discovering hidden galleries than you should certainly not miss their newest exhibition – the European premiere of Unicolor by Carsten Nicolai. According to the website ‘Carsten Nicolai’s new work will stretch panoramic wavelengths
of blue, red, green and grey to infinity, confronting the viewer with a visceral expanse of colour and sound to test the limits of perception’.
The German artist/musical uses sound, electronic art and illusion (by mirrors and projection) to create the effect of an infinite wall of morphing colour and corresponding sounds. The dark room leaves the work as the immersive focus and, instead of claustrophobic; I found it surprisingly calming to watch the bright panorama follow the buzz of sound.
The work apparently draws inspiration from many sources, including Goethe's 'Theory of Colour' and the work of Josef Albers and Johannes Itten.
The free exhibition presents two pieces, both merging colour and sound, which are on display Tuesday – Sunday, 12-6pm at Brewer Street Car Park.