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Hello. Bonjour. Hola. 你好. Ciao... When you have no clue what to write in about pages but you add one to your header because ~aesthetic~ (no joke that I actually missed bits off my old CV because they ruined the layout). Anyway, I'm Lizzy - degree student, font enthusiast and ??? (idk, but rule of three and all that). After a slight re-design I can finally say, guess who's back (back again). This began three years ago as some
place to record book reviews, then a place to share some writing and then briefly for photos and videos. I cringe at how bad my old posts are, and for a while I wanted to keep them on this site like kind of well-loved online trash can. I'm still working things out on here: the header is Bebas yet the titles are Oswald and I don't quite know how my formatting works so I find myself adding unnecessarily long sentences to allow all the words to fit into these columnssssssssssssssssssssssss.
Still, my aim is the same - to share my perspectives and experiences on life, travel and many things in between, but this time round mainly though photography and film.